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Fairford QFE Soft Starters

Fairford QFE Soft Starters

Fairford QFE Soft Starters

Fairford QFE Soft Starters. Fairford Electronics UL Soft Starters for AC induction motors with enhanced energy optimizing.

fairford qfe soft starter

QFE Soft Starters is Fairford’s ultimate range of energy optimising Soft Starters which will meet any possible requirement; its rugged engineering and outstanding overload protection is particularly suitable where you need to start a motor under heavy load.


The easy-to-use keypad and high visibility LCD multi-character display are just two of the features which make these soft Starters the ideal choice for any application and places this unit way ahead of the competition.


Fairford QFE Soft Starters Features and Benefits

Automatic Set-Up
The Fairford QFE Soft Starter caters for the starting and stopping ramp profile for a specific application with no further adjustment needed, plus programming of all the relays, inputs and outputs.


Patented “Fairford System” of Energy Optimising
Fairford QFE Soft Starters improves partial load power factor (Cos Phi) saving energy, carbon emissions from the generating source and cost on lightly loaded applications.


Manual Adjustment
Enables the Fairford QFE Soft Starter to be rapidly tailored to any application, saving time.


Unit Records History of Last 5 Trips
The Fairford QFE Soft Starter assists in determining causes of any failure, saving on investigating time.


Option of Modbus Comms and Remote Keypod
Operation of the Fairford QFE Soft Starter can be linked to a PLC for remote control using Modbus Comms. Using the Remote Keypad can add versatility to allow one keypad to control more, up to 8 units, saving on cost.


In The Delta Capability
Could allow a smaller unit to be used on an application, saving on cost.


Adjustable Over-Current “Shear Pin” Protection
Can significantly reduce the maintenance time in comparison to mechanical “Shear Pins”, reducing down time.


Adjustable Overload
Protects the Fairford QFE Soft Starters against damage due to over currents and therefore replacement or repair costs.


Six Button Keypad, 2 Line 32 Character LCD Display
Saves time programming and fault-finding because it displays in English rather than short-codes.Start/Stop capability, continuous display of motor phase current and control status – starting, stopping, full volts, current limitation, overload indication and fault indication.


Smooth step-less acceleration of motors to full speed with reduction of inrush currents
Prevents or reduces breakages of belts, gears, chains, motor mountings and eliminates shock loading on equipment.


Optional Loads; Static Loads, Resistive (Heaters) and Inductive (Transformers)
Allows the Fairford QFE Soft Starter to be used on a variety of differing applications so one QFE Soft Starter is highly versatile and thereby saving money.

 fairford qfe soft starter

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Make an enquiry regarding QFE Soft Starters

Call EP Normand on 011 824 1320 for more information on QFE Soft Starters. EP Normand, the QFE Soft Starters supplier in South Africa.